Who is John Assaraf and What is He Doing in the Masters Gathering?

Many who have seen and heard John Assaraf who authored More Money, More Life, More Love, would think that he started out well. On the contrary, coffee cart Melbourne Assaraf’s youth was marked by dangerous actions and risky decisions that could have led to either the jailhouse or an early death.

Because of a conscious decision to turn around and become better, John Assaraf is one of the big names in self-improvement and personal development.

John Assaraf is also the force behind other tools and resources for self-improvement. These include a kit for creating and using a “vision board”, “Having It All: Achieving Your Life’s Goals and Dreams”, shop-swimmingpool and “The Answer” (co-written by Murray Smith).

The book is Assaraf’s motto to help people get the best out of their abilities and the circumstances that they face. His knowledge about how the brain functions aslremodeling and quantum physics provides an interesting and logical method of working around your life situations and achieving your dreams.

John Assaraf has further taken his principles to practice. His entrepreneurial spirit has created multi-million dollar companies in the investment, optimalremodel technology and self-help industries. Assaraf continues to challenge and uplift people through various speaking engagements, workshops and media appearances.

Through his company OneCoach, animeloved Assaraf reaches out to thousands of small-business owners and entrepreneurs. OneCoach equips them with techniques to increase their earnings and develop their ventures, while building up the esteem of the people behind the business.

With the impressive resume that he have, no wonder he deserved to be one of the experts in The Masters Gathering event because he can surely helps people around the world to become a better person in the future.


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