Tennis Lessons and Strategy – Controlling Match Momentum

In every sporting event momentum plays a key role in the outcome. In some sports it is more apparent such as a basketball team making a surge and scoring a lot of points and then having trouble making a shot when the other team starts coming back. You see coaches attempt to control momentum via time outs and running different plays in football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. So how can this benefit you in the game of tennis?

The main component to controlling momentum in a match is time. Many players over look the importance of using time in between points and games (during changeovers). While there is a time limit in between every point in tennis (25 seconds officially) rarely will a player be penalized or even warned when taking more time. This is especially important to remember in junior tennis.

Taking a couple seconds extra in between points can throw your opponent off and help slow down a match when you are losing. Remember that the end of the day, แทงบอลufabet your opponent must close out a match to beat you. There is no shot clock. Every extra minute a player spends on the court contributes to the outcome of the match. Perhaps your opponent tires physically or mentally as those extra seconds build up?

The same holds true for when you are winning. Bad things tend to happen fast during a cryptoby tennis match. If you have a player making a number of mistakes, try to speed up the general match. Take less time in between change overs and points and give them the feeling of “what is going on out here? I can’t pull it together…”

The more time your opponent has to figure these questions out the greater their chances of coming back and winning the match.



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