A New Approach to Managing Stress With Frequency Medicine and Scalar Energy

Tips for Managing Stress

You can learn to manage your stress and lead a happier, healthier life. The main origin of stress is in your mind and stressful energy is around us 24 hours a day. Therefore, msccruisesbooking we must learn to re-train our minds and learn how to perceive stress in a different light if we are to attain a healthier and harmonious existence on earth. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Keep a positive attitude. Accept the fact that there are things you cannot control in life (like other people and their reactions to you) cruisebookonline despite all your efforts. Make up your mind that you CAN and WANT to feel better! Your mind is a very powerful tool that you have at your disposal. It has been proven that you can program your subconscious with suggestions and visualization techniques to be able to accomplish anything that you want to accomplish. This is where the law of attraction and manifestation comes into play. This law shows us that what you think about and feel on a daily basis creates your life and your experiences. Therefore, when you want to manage your stress levels, movie2uhd start to see yourself as a calm person with a happy and healthy life and body! I am sure what you are thinking right now that this is easier said than done and if I had your problems I would not be writing this. On the contrary, many of our lives and experiences are parallel to each other and it is what one chooses to do with the situation that can make the difference in the outcome.

Relaxation techniques can help you a great deal. Daily meditation, saintgenieswholesale yoga or tai-chi can assist you with training your mind and body to de-stress. There are also plenty of meditation CD’s and tapes that can help to get your mind in the right place to release the stress of the day. Products that use frequency medicine to trigger the mind’s Alpha and Theta States and the body’s Relaxation Response can be very helpful to help reduce stress and heal the body. These products tap into scalar energy that is abundant in the universe and which can be very helpful to those that want to relieve stress in the body. What is scalar energy? appmee Scalar energy was originally researched by famous scientists such as Nikola Tesla and Lahovsky. There has been extensive research over the years done by NASA in the area of scalar energy and its effect on the human physiology. Scalar energy increases the millivolt potential of the cell which increases oxidation of the cell and has a major effect on the emotions. It is one of the best things that we have found to get you into a deep meditative state that helps to heal the body on a cellular level.

Additionally, make sure to get enough sleep and also eat well-balanced meals. Getting the proper sleep, water, and nutrition can make a big difference in how well your body copes with stress. Exercise is also important in managing stress. Exercise that you enjoy is very important. If you are exercising and it is creating more stress on your mind or body because it is too strenuous, allthingschildcare it is defeating the purpose of exercising. You should enjoy your exercise and do fun things that get your body moving. It should not feel like work or a gruesome task that you are compelled to do!

Setting limits and boundaries in your life is important. Learn how to say “No” to people who invite you to do things or ask you to do things that you do not want to do. Make yourself a priority and put your needs at the top of the list. If you do not care for yourself, you cannot care for others.

Make time for hobbies and interests that make you feel good. Take up a new hobby to help you do fun things instead of always focusing on work and responsibilities. animeyoko

Don’t rely on alcohol, drugs, or compulsive behaviors to reduce stress. Seek out social support in terms of support groups or friends that can be there to listen instead of going to drugs and alcohol to escape. Also make time to spend quality time with those you love. They can be a great support team for you as well.

When you are feeling burned out and down, it is easy to get trapped into negative thinking and fall into depression. Get in touch with those low feelings and also give yourself some quiet time to reflect. Writing down the frustrated, angry, hopeless, or depressed thoughts can be very cleansing and allow you to release the negative feelings. If you just spend some time allowing yourself to feel the negative feelings, you can release them a lot easier. It is more productive to allow yourself to feel those negative feelings for a few minutes instead of trying to run away by working, eating, taking drugs, etc. Once you have released the negative feelings, you can replace those thoughts with positive statements and affirmations that can lead you to attract better outcomes in your life.

Spend a week without watching any television. Television can fill your mind

with negativity and can give you a distorted view of reality by showing you everything that’s bad about the world. Famines, disasters, murders, violence and war are very common topics on news programs and soap operas. Continually watching such things will cause you a great deal of stress! Imagine if the television programs reported on only positive events such as an increase in jobs, economic rise, and solutions to the energy crisis! Could you imagine the upswing in the world’s emotional well being and reduction of stress levels?

Find some much needed stress relief by giving your mind a break from these negative stimulants. Give up the television for a week and do something more rewarding instead such as reading a book, listening to music, socializing, working out, walking, or playing a relaxation CD. If you need to hear the news, try to listen to a radio news bulletin once a day. But really try and avoid them for one week and replace them with something more life enhancing. Out of all the stress relief tips, this is perhaps the easiest. Try it and see your stress levels drop!

One last thing-nutritional supplementation can help with stress levels. In particular the supplements of GABA, Theanine, 5 HTP, Calcium-Magnesium (2/1 ratio) factualfacts, and SAM’E can be very beneficial. If you follow the tips above, you are sure to lessen your stress and start to really feel better about your life!

By Dr. Larry Martin
Chiropractic Physician
Holistic Physician

Dr. Larry Martin has been a holistic physician for over 35 years. He is a Naturopathic, Chiropractic, and Holistic Physician who also has a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition. He has been helping people for years and has seen a myriad of health problems disappear when you bring your body back to balance! His intention has always been to help you get your body, your immune system, and your organs in the best shape possible.


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