Gemstone Therapy: Quartz, Lungs, and the Principle of Yin and Yang

The Earth’s most abundant mineral is quartz. Quartz crystals can be found in colorless transparent specimens, called points, and in white opaque matrix, MATRIX CRACK upon which points grow. These crystal points and matrix represent principles of yin and yang. Crystal points have yang qualities of masculinity, clearness, brightness, and transparency. The milky quartz represents the yin qualities of femininity, cloudiness, softness, and opacity.

Quartz is also renowned for its healing benefits. The easiest way to receive these benefits is to work with Quartz in sphere form. Spheres that are strung onto a necklace can support you for as long as you wear the necklace. Uninterrupted support can be especially helpful when you are using the gemstones to address the energetic causes of a physical condition. To be considered therapeutic, ristomanager quartz spheres should be free of cracks, spots, blemishes or other inclusions, which can diminish or interfere with the mineral’s healing qualities.

A third type of quartz, called “frosted quartz,” is clear quartz that has been given a textured finish to make the spheres appear white. It has the same yin qualities as milky quartz, but to a lesser degree. redribbonlive

Clear quartz brings life energy to the body (a yang quality) and milky or frosted quartz increases the body’s capability to receive more life energy (yin quality). This ubiquitous life-energy is like raw material that your body can use to help itself heal in whatever ways needed. This is why quartz has such universal appeal and a broad range of effects. However, hoodpay in gemstone therapy applications, quartz can also be used specifically to vitalize the lungs and respiratory system.

Of all the organs in the body, the lungs exemplify the interrelationship of yin and yang. When you inhale, Rare movies on DVD your lungs expand (a property of yang) and the diaphragm contracts (a yin property). Air moves inward and downward into your body (yin). Inhalation produces a state of fullness and expansion (yang). On the exhale, your lungs contract (yin) and your diaphragm relaxes and expands (yang). Air then moves outward and upward (yang), while exhalation produces a state of emptiness and receptivity (yin).

Another benefit of working with spheres is that you can conveniently combine clear quartz spheres with milky or frosted spheres in the same necklace. Therapeutic clear quartz spheres are warming, crestin stimulating, expanding, and drying. These qualities are properties of yang. Therapeutic milky and frosted quartz spheres are cooling, relaxing, contracting, moistening, and nourishing. These are yin properties.

Together clear and frosted quartz are a symbiotic pair. Their benefits won’t cancel each other out if one type of quartz is present in greater amount than the other in the necklace. Rather, Fabric Printing the one will support the other for optimal balance. Yin and yang exist in everything, and as noted above, both are involved in healthy lung function.

When you wear milky or frosted yin quartz together with clear yang quartz in the same necklace, the gemstone energies radiate in all directions, filling your aura. Breathe deeply and these energies can enter your lungs to support a balance of yin and yang in your respiratory system and encourage healthy life and living.


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