Is It Time to Fire Your Pool Guy?

I have fired seven pool service “companies” in less than 12 months. You heard me, seven.

They are the worst breed. You have a guy, a truck, and some cheap chemicals. That’s all it takes for this nut job to think he is a pool cleaning “company.” No training required, no ability to run a business. Here we go.

My swimming pool is in Scottsdale, AZ. That means the sun incinerates my pool on a daily basis. Reaching temperatures of 115 degrees on a daily basis is the common insanity that we live with for over 100 days every year.

Don’t ask me why I do it. More importantly, watch my pool water for about two days in this ecological wonder world. Take me, your average non-chemist, tossncook and watch the results of my personal pool care attempts at these times.

You see, 48 hours is about the time it takes for my pool to turn a translucent dark green color. A few more days and it appears to be a sea of frogs, zmiiv lizards, and other indescribable wildlife.

Given my inept ability to care for the pool I look to one of the 2,500 pool service “companies” in the Phoenix Valley.

First try calling them. About 50% actually answer their phones. Then take the hoodpay lucky fellow who answers his phone. He comes to my house, promises me sky blue water, and collects my money.

Things typically go well for about four or five weeks. That’s when the mysterious disappearing act begins.

He stops showing up. My pool starts going green. In spite of it all I still receive my invoices requesting payment month after month. When I call, rnkhabri suddenly there is once again no answer.

One more down. That’s him. That’s number eight. Another pool guy fired.

In my 12 years in the Scottsdale / Phoenix area I have only found one company that is actually a company. They have insurance, a business license, answer the phones, and actually clean my pool.

I’m not claiming this company is perfect. I understand the pool in my backyard is essentially sitting in an oven. Problems come up. But they are the only ones who actually notice the problems, Rare movies on DVD tell me about the problems, and actually take care of the problems.

Hopefully there are more good pool guys out there. Given the 2,500 options there must be. Just let me know if you ever one of those good ones out there.

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