Newsletter Management – Easily Manage Newsletters for Your Business – Without All the Work

Newsletter management is possible with special software and software packages that manage or distribute e-mail newsletters in either HTML or text format.

Atomic Email Sender, weebo Atomic Email Tracker, Atomic Mail Verifier and Atomic Subscription Manager are some of the available newsletter management options available through the Internet both by purchase and by free trial.

To get the free trials you must create a trial user account. The cost of each package is $39.85 for the verifier or the list manager and goes up to $59.85 for the subscription manager or the blue sender (which broadcasts files with ads to bluetooth enabled mobile devices).

There is also a free e-mail manager download called phpList. PhpList is an open source campaign manager that can be integrated into any website. A free download or a updated beta version that is hosted and ready to use without any download on your part. Different versions of the download are from 3.4 (zip file) to 49.7 MBs. The available options of this newsletter management tool are open and click tracking, multi-part emails, sending a web page, livewebdir bounce handling, attachments and personalized emails based on things like location or other criterion.

Newsletter management software comes in many styles and brands. Software such as eNewsletter Pro tracks the statistics of every email campaign launched through it, statistics such as the number of clicks on each link or the number of views plus the statistics can be viewed for the individual subscriber as well as the whole mass. Multiple users can buddy on to the same system as in those people who work for companies with multiple departments.

When advancing to eNewsletter Pro’s Enterprise Edition users can enjoy extended features like bounced address filters, automatic mail client HTML detection, high-speed delivery and scheduled delivery services. The eNewsletter Pro is a licensed software to install on your web server. The software in eNewsletter Pro can be used to host your own newsletter service. After installing this software, your web browser will handle your newsletter management.

The eNewsletter Pro software requires Windows 2000 or higher, Microsoft 2000 or higher or.NET framework version 2.0. Installation for one user will cost $500, roidirectory five users $625 and for ten users the cost is $750. This will manage 50,000 subscribers. There is a full version and a shared version, the shared version being without the need of the.exe installations that are necessary for the full version.

The eNewsletter Pro can create HRML web forms and sign up programs that can be placed on any web site of your choice. It supports 25 demographic fields, includes support for newsletter templates, supports A/B list splitting as in when two versions of the same newsletter are being tested, supports auto response activity based email sending, huntingtime includes unsubscribe by email and forward to a friend.

A great advantage of newsletter management services is the better access to priority sales leads that is brought about by organizing the essential data and sending it out promptly to the ones most interested in what you have to offer.

More newsletter management [] services realize that the eNewsletter is possibly the most important marketing tool today. Newsletter management is possible with special software and software packages that manage or distribute e-mail newsletters in either HTML or text format. However you can avoid all of the hassle of newsletter publishing by simply publishing your news on your website and use a service like ChangeDetect for newsletter automation.


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